One night stand

October 1, 2008
I have the memory of your touch
It's creeping up my spine
Your eyes, your hair, your smile: just too much to handle right now.

He shifts his weight and breaths out.

I have the lingering of your words
They're edging down my neck
Your tone, your meaning, your attempt: faulty and unforgivable

His thoughts fill the still air.

I have the promise of your desire
It's burning through my veins.
Your lack of control, your strength, your motive: mirrors mine

He gently moves her hair off her face.

I have the shadow of your absence
It’s the constant reminder in my heart
Your intuition: mind blowing.

The bed shifts from the desertion of weight.
She wakes up.
He's gone.

I have this song left of you
It's taking control of my faith
Your gone: my gain.

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