Main Street

October 1, 2008
By krista nielsen, Winnipeg, ZZ

my city Winnipeg is full of life and colors and music from across the globe it’s one of the few places I know were one street main street, shows you life thru others eyes. My main street is like an old native story teller, telling us how the world used to be. How the natives owned the land. How we stole every thing. How the homeless take refuge in her arms every night. How people come to her from other countries hoping for better lives. She tells us how her body reaches and takes part in every thing that happens in the city of Winnipeg.

The author's comments:
At first I thought my city was boring plain and non-exciting then when I was in Colorado and was assigned to do this, I realized I loved the city I live in. And realized how much I love to walk down main street, and see all those people walking fast to get to work. or every one ignoring the drunk man passed out on the street walking by fast in there power suites and Bluetooth’s. They have no idea what kind of stories they have those people have the best stories you will ever hear.

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