If You Show You Care

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

When you look at me you you're only seeing half of who I am,
When you say ‘you know me’ you need to think again
When you look me in the eyes and say "you love me",
Will your love really last?
When you say yes to that answer,
Do I feel like a load of my pain is gone? or added ontop.
Are you taking some of my stress, and making me smile?
Are you loving me with your heart, not only your hands.
Are you feeling what I’m feeling?
If you say you are. You better really ean it.
If you say ‘I know what you mean’
Are you agreeing with me, or are you planning your good fortuned life?

Are you what you are because of others? Or are you who you are because of special people?

When I wake up in the morning, and think about you.
How am I suppost to know what your thinking about?
When I say I miss you, do you understand that it means I wish I was with you the second we were apart?
When you gave me that daisy, I never got rid of it. When I made that paper moushe' heart and put it in your desk in seventh grade, did you keep it? Or throw it away?
a player? or a prayer
Is it just me? Because I want to be free.

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