The Other Side of the Moon

October 2, 2008
The silent night as dark as coal
Brings diamonds to the sky
The stars above sing songs hope
To the true, the tried
But looming in the after sun
Is the lily light in bloom
Guiding my hopeless, peril soul
Bringing me back to you
I stand and wait your coming
In the eye of the storm
Thoughts of you are a blanket
That keeps my cold heart warm
Desperate in my waiting
I see the torture in your eyes
You stare at me so blankly
As if to be the blind
Limitless, yet powerless
I leave you on your own
May one day you get see
The life you have never known
For this is the world seen from far away
I know you are coming soon
This is where I watch you everyday
From the other side of the moon

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