This Is For You (You Know Who You Are)

October 2, 2008
By [padfoot.] BRONZE, Cadet, Missouri
[padfoot.] BRONZE, Cadet, Missouri
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i was thinking back
to our first summer
(i can still recall our last)
and remembered
that time
that i loved you
(i loved him first, i said to her)
and remembered
that, at first,
you didn't love me
(i sang out loud to "kerosene")
why is it that humans torture themselves
when they know they can't have what it is they want?
(i was on a greyhound, definitely bound for nowhere)
i should have realized
you never would
care for me the way i care for you
(i loved her first, you would say to me)
i heard you broke off
that engagement
she wasn't right for you anyway
(and the wedding bell still tolls)
are you back for more
of that love i wanted
so desperately to give you?
(bon jovi sings "you give love a bad name", do you really understand?)
its gone now
that love
i've found someone else and moved on
("this love has taken its toll on me")
you'd have done the
in my position
(unrequited love)

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