Have you seen...

October 1, 2008
Have you seen….

The dew on Churchill Downs’ green grass
The Biltmore’s shining bright brass
The sun setting over Rushmore's mount
Rockefeller's Prometheus Gold Fount
The old North Church in Boston town
Lady Liberty's torch, and robe, and crown
Washington's granite obelisk white
The gate of gold in all its might
William and Mary's vine covered halls
Minnesota's huge America's Mall
Fort Sumter's shots that changed the world
The Alamo's flag fast unfurled
The Corn Palace’s strange walls of gold
Navy Pier’s great legacy of old
Cape Canaveral throwing to the stars
Sears Tower reaching all the way to Mars
The sky to Seattle's Needle near
Hoover's Dam to last a thousand years
The old and famous line of bricks
The homeward stretch of Route Sixty-Six

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