Hak'tu Oc Graussen

September 29, 2008
By Evan Garcia, Spring, TX

In Gyrick Al’Ahkba
The city that shines
Hak’tu oc Graussen
Chooses to dine

He snatches and snortches
With tribble a thought for others
Hak’tu preys on children
Leaving bewailing mothers

Gervaulting and burbling down the street he came
Burboning and hurgrowing in time
The scribbles and screwpups scurried aside
Each not wanting to be the blame

Hak’tu oc Graussen, he got his fill
When from a borgessen moth he did steal
She snartled her burgot an margled her mane
Poor Hak’tu became a vegetarian
Forever and again

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