caged in

September 29, 2008
By Robert Vestal, Marathon, NY

the walls of this destiny filled labrynith
the iron bars around my wrists
they seem so familiar
yet so alien
why am i here
why are you not
are you in league
did my vision come true
not much matters trapped in my own fate
if you escaped, run
if you joined, LORD help us oth
destiny can work wonders when tangled into knots
it is no game
this is my life
these walls are my tomb
i shall awai you on a better plane of existence
if you do not folow, i did you wrong
if we meet there, we shall be eternally bound
if you are to be with me take what life gives you
give life a little HELL
if it was never meant to be
i shall find out soon
i await you my love
join me in death
i will be there soon

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