We Stand

September 28, 2008
By Emma Patton, Kenosha, WI

We all get scared
Then we run and scream
But there no need for these silly nonsense things

We all have our dark pasts
We all have our skeletons
That we try to surpass

We all hide in that little corner
We all have been that mourner
Sometime in our lives we feel like the foreigner

We all have crawled into that hole
When we just can't be consoled
Sometimes we just have to put everything on hold

But, than we decide that we've had enough
We shake it all off
We've been through the tough
Now we stand tall
No matter how small, we feel
We get back in the race
It's our problems that we face

We stand tall
Anything they do means nothing at all
We may fall, once again
But in the end
We brush it off
And once more we stand
Once more we stand
We stand

The author's comments:
If you like my poetry please go to my website: www.Poetrypoem.com/Poetic2716

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