the deep abyss

August 14, 2013
when will you follow me
i have been telling you not to stay
for if you do you will perish
but yet you do not trust me
and i will not force you
but i do not want you to die
because if you do so will i
when you follow me i will lead you
out of this place we will go
into the open plains and blue skies
that is where we wil go
so that we may live in peace
forever will i hold you dear to my heart
but you treat me as if im not here
no matter how much i love you
no matter how much i want you
i cannot force you to come
and if you dont follow
i will no longer have a reason to live
because you will be gone
you would be out of my life forever
but it is you who has to choose
i will ask you once more only
will you let me lead you out of the deep abyss

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