Thanks to a Friend

September 28, 2008
By Emma Patton, Kenosha, WI

The end of our eighth grade school year is drawing near
As each last day goes by I shed a little crystal tear,
While trying to embrace tightly all those I hold dear
For I will admit that I am completely terrified,
By losing everyone its seems like a little part of me has died
I will never get it back even if I tried
So many memories flash through my mind
Some that I never seemed to find
One memory is clear though
You smiling bright face that always seemed to shine

You were my friend when I had a shadow over head
When everyone was against me it was you who didn't dread
Being with me and spending time
It was you who always read
My mind
Through thick and thin together we always lead
Each other back to the right
Do you remember that night?
When I was so upset over going into high school
You comforted me and reminded me that I was a completely amazing
A conversion that wasn't light
Was shared between us
Our bond is never broken
It is treated like a little special token
It is protected and is always cherished
It is OUR friendship that hasn't perished
Those fake relationships I had are completely forgotten
The wounds I received from them have now softened

Just remember a few things I've said
Your smile brightens up a room, this is widespread
I will always be two steps behind to wipe away a tear
Never let go of things you hold dear
The stars shine brighter without the moon
No one is immune
To their problems that seem to drag on
My love for you will never be gone
Even when you don't know what's going on
Don't take a personal when I'm withdrawn
Will we'll always be sisters
That is what we agreed upon
And even when our hope is gone
Move along just to make it through
And thank you
For being my best friend
The one who was always with me till the end

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my best friend for graduation. I gave it to here at our last event of graduation, our dance. After the last song played, when everyone was in a circle crying, i gave it to her. If you like my poetry visit my website:
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