September 28, 2008
By Emma Patton, Kenosha, WI

Hope is in the air we breathe in deeply
Hope is in our mothers' voice when they call to us sweetly
Hope is in the words we speak
Hope is in the long awaited last school week
Hope is in our souls
Hope is in the pranks that everyone pulls
Hope is in our rhythm and rhyme
Hope is when he calls time
Hope is in the songs we sing
Hope is in her new shinning engagement ring
Hope is in the morning's sweetest sounds
Hope as you see, is all around
Hope is in the bubbling foam of the sea
Hope is always lurking among you and me
Hope is in a bright fire's flame
Hope is in those who are paralyzed and lame
Hope is in the crashing waves that rise and fall
Hope is in all
Hope is in the early April rain
Hope is in a single sand grain
Hope is in moments of darkness and strife
Hope is in the moment before he takes his life
Hope is locked up deep inside
Hope is where my dreams reside
Hope is in the sky, so open and wide
Hope is in the moment when the little boy lied
Hope is always there
Hope is in someones gentle care
Hope is never doubted
Hope is in the fears newly sprouted
Hope is in we all prevail
Hope never fails
Hope is in my own cares that I have carried
Hope is in my dreams that I have ferried
Hope is in a warm summer's breeze
Hope is in the dark dreaded trees
Hope is in the young woman before she dives
Hope is vital in all of our lives
Hope is in my tender heart
There it can never be torn apart

The author's comments:
If you like this piece please visit my website: www.Poetrypoem.com/Poetic2716

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