A Wonderful Game

September 28, 2008
I weave intricate dreams for my future,
To make a difference in the world
I envision dreams of our long awaited reunion,
His sparkling powder blue eyes

A perfect escape from my present problems,
An imaginary shoulder to cry on
O how I wish this one moment of bliss would last,
To find myself once again

The past was unwinding before these eyes of mine,
With one deep conversion
I placed and replaced each detail upon detail,
To once more trust

Out of this misery I am,
Forever and always waiting for your return
A return that will never come,
For you are too far away to come home

A wonderful game it is to pretend
That for once since you left my heart is on amends
A wonderful game of remembering the past,
You're an example of how life comes and goes too fast

To fix those long open wounds, which I ought to tend
I wake up to find that it wasn't just a dream
It was once more the realization of the end

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