Coal to Diamonds

September 28, 2008
By Rebecca Zuklie, Shelton, CT

You hold me overboard
Coal over seas of black.
But you wait,
See what that coal could turn to.
I know I dragged you underwater
But we came right back up for air
And wasn’t the dark nice?
We play with each other
But I’m not a board game and this isn’t a sport.
Who killed the referee?
It isn’t so simple to try at non-perfection
Around you.
When I’ve grown up with product in demand.
So I break the cycle,
Try reality on for size
And that’s how you love me.
Don’t take me for what I am
((I’m not,))
Take me for who I’ve become.
I let you see through me
And pray you don’t smash the glass.
I assure you,
I trust you with my whole heart,
Except when I don’t.

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