A is for Addiction

September 28, 2008
A is for Addiction.
B is for the Blame.
C is for the Cocaine that's now flowing through my veins.
D is for my Danny; I think of him every day.
E is for the Emotions I feel but just can't say.
F is for the Frozen way my body stands cold and still.
G is for the Gushing pain that I try not to feel.
H must surely stand for my Heart.
I never thought you could tear it apart.
J is the Jingle we used to sing.
K is the Knight you turned out not to be.
L might be Love, or Lust, or Life?
M is my Mind that is crammed tight with strife.
N stands for Nowhere, the place we last ended.
O is for how you must be Offended.
P stands for two things: both Pleasure and Pain
Q is the Quarrel we had through the rain.
R is Repentance I beg for each day.
S was my Suffering when you went away.
T are the Thoughts that maybe I was wrong.
U is the Ugly I've felt all along.
V is for Vengeance; I just wanted you back.
W is the Wickedness you thought I lacked.
X was your X-Ray.
Y was my Yearn.
And Z was my Zero when we crashed and burned.

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TaroPig said...
Oct. 9, 2008 at 12:02 am
I think that this poem should be more known than it is. The simplicity is what makes it so appealing. I love how you used letters. Great job :D
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