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Earth Day

September 28, 2008
By Taylor Fisher, Centreville, MI

This Earth is hell,
the ground is thick with tar.
the sky is toxic,
filled with fumes,
from every falling star.

the grass are blades,
the trees are withered and dead.
wind is a cut to the face,
sharp with glossy sand,
the animals have fled.

lakes swimming with the sickness,
that is drounding in our minds.
skin wrinkled like the clouds,
that are black and heavy,
from the eye of the storm that is blind.

we've worn out our welcome,
we are traitors to our home.
burning away the dear land,
with flames of human greed,
where is left to rome?

the heart of a silken forrest,
corrupted and clotted in vain.
crisp green gone dry, brown and dead,
bleeding out as we drink,
not stopping, till it's been drained.

the wailing moans of tortured beauty,
can't you hear the Earth crying?
closer and closer to the inescapable core,
as we watch in cold fear,
but it is the poison, we are supplying.

do you remember the scent of the flowers?
and the sparkle of the firefly?
before you could smell the bial,
before it went all dark,
before everything started to die.

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