Interview With God

September 27, 2008
I Dreamt that i had an interview with God,
I gathered my courage to question,
Oh God! What do you want humans to learn ,
God replied , i want them to know ,
The hardest arithmetic problems
Is that which enables us to count Your blessings,
I was amazed as i stoo there thinking about numerous human sins,
God then said, everyone thinks of changing the world but noone thinks of changing themselves ,
I want my children not to limit their challenges but to challenge their limits,
I want them to know that service,
Is the rent you pay for room on this planet,
I was standing there stunned with downcast eyes
And an embarrassed look,
God looked at me and held out a book,
It was the book which had the prayers of every man ,
God said man should pray not for tasks equal to their power but,
for power equal to their tasks,
I want them not to wait for miracles,
But to have the strength to dodge obstacles,
I want them to accept what they cannot change and change what they cannot accept,
Hearing this i wept ,
Suddenly i felt someone tugging on my blanket trying to wake me up ,
I realized it was time to leave,
One last message God whispered to me,
what you are is my gift to you what you become is your gift to me ,
and just remember I am here -always

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