What Her Sister Said

October 1, 2008
By sarah levine, Granite Bay, CA

Two sisters grew up in the shade of a tree
One stared at the sun
One lost in her dreams
Alice, said the girl who stared at the sky
Wake up or you'll miss the mockingbird's cry
But Alice lay lost in a forest of cards
Supping with Jacks
And playing with hearts
While the rays of the sun beat down on her sister
Red, White, and Blue
She burned like a blister
That was plain and round as nothing on top
While under the surface an ugly sea rocked
Wake up little sis, you're missing the show
She growled in a voice that was ever so low
But Alice lay still with roots deep in the holes
Way under the ground where time could not go
And uproot her young feet
While she danced with the flowers
As her sister read the black book for hours and hours
Screaming at Alice you're not listening baby
Down you'll fall if there you keep playing
The smoke will block up in your ears
And the rays you won't see and the bird you won't hear
And then how will you sing?
Little sister of mine,
Wake up dear Alice, for you the world pines
But to her red lips the smoke'd already been pressed
And soaked into her skin as she put back on her dress
While her sister hung down from a rope of anger and shame
With her last dying breath, she spat Alice's name

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