The Unforgiving Sanctuary

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

It is not often that one takes even
a second
to notice anything.
The world is such a shallow, introverted place that it,
for the most part,
seems nearly impossible that anything can happen;
that anyone else exists.
What does it matter?

Tara knows this;
strange it may seem, since Tara
doesn't know anything.
Shut up in her little world with only her "friends" to tell her
whether it's day or night,
rain or shine.
Life or Death.
Silly Tara,
You know they can't see you unless you turn on the lights.

But as I said, Tara knows.
And if Tara knows,
why shouldn't everyone else?
Because after all,
Tara doesn't know anything.

But yet, she does.
She knows that it's somebody's birthday, somewhere in the
big, deep world.
She knows that she can't see
the blood on her hands
when it's dark out.
The darkness hides everything,
even the truth.
She knows what it is that she doesn't want to know- wants to forget.
She knows that,
no matter how hard she tries,
she can't open her eyes
because beauty is pain
and to see beauty she must first see
the blood.
It's just too much.

but what if? what if? should the rain ever fall and the blood be washed away- what if- or will it stain and stay- what if- forever.
what if beauty could really exist?
what if pain could refrain?
what if "tara" could open her eyes again...

... and find something Beautiful?

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