Ode to Fear

August 1, 2013
Ode to fear, you are a shadow.
A shadow in the space of the mind
A wonder of darkness where there is light
A lost thought in a busy world
You are a broken child in this place, with infinite places to hide

Ode to Fear, you are a light.
A spark of ambition in a boring day
A slim ray of curiosity in the view of the eyes
A glimmer of fate and hope in one’s life
You are a fascinated teen, who just wants a way out.

Ode to Fear, you are Life
A mistake on a paper
A difference to a choice
A balance with love and hate
You are a living soul itself, you come and go as you please
Or live in the darkest crevices of one’s mind
Or skim by when one must decide
You are simply Fear

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