To the Sun

September 30, 2008
By Jillian Smith, Canfield, OH

A grey mist slowly grows from the black
Your steeds arouse to consciousness and life
The steam of their breath falls to the earth
It crowns the grass with moistened jewels
Amber now steeps the sky in golden tea
The stallions'muscles ripple with anticipation
You, with boundless strength grip the reins
You steady your feet on the chariot plane

All is silent, all is still,
Waiting, watching
There is nothing in the air
But the innocence of a new day

Then, in a moment, in a glorious burst of gold, your brilliant horses brazenly ignite
They rear up,shying,tossing their fiery manes
And you Apollo, shake your own curls and laugh.

Your chargers' blood is now surging and hot
Rejoicing, exuberant, in the youth of their limbs
And your own curls and laugh.

Gently, warmly; you caress Lady Wind
You excite her with a soft loving kiss
She dances elegantly, strong fair
And invites all the trees to join her in song

The muses sprint alongside your carriage
Wildly dancing, joyously dancing
Painting the clouds in vibrant hues
A stunning palette too beautiful to name

You smile oh, Apollo, and you radiate light
The earth delights in your shining face
The flowers all open to greet you in pleasure
And the mighty waters sparkle to hail your approach

You streak across the skies, to distant lands
And our day now begins
But Apollo you are never beautiful as when you are the sunrise.

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