The Heart

September 30, 2008
By Maggie Delaney, Phoenix, AZ

Over harsh land, twinkling sea,
And wide sky,
Twin hearts of lovers
Stretch beyond being.
Ecstatic, pumping blood,
The heart could fly,
For the heart is always
Cured by seeing,
Its unconditional lover’s
Red heart,
Always ticking and
Combining as one.
Joyous, loving,
Hearts cannot be apart,
Lest their worlds be consumed
By the bright sun.
The heart longs to be loved,
And loves quite strong,
It cannot strive in the
Cruel world alone.
An eternal partnership
Can’t be wrong,
For the heart is right,
And rightfully prone,
To desire its true love,
Always immersed,
In a heart’s long love song,
Happily cursed.

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