The Camera's On

September 30, 2008
By Stevelle Hoffman, Spring, TX

I promise not to go on and on about a movie,
But Edward Norton was amazing in THe Hulk.
I won't bother you to take me to a movie because we're dating,
But I would really love to see Iron Man with you.

I won't complain about how you're keeping me from a movie,
But you need to get back so we can see The Dark Knight.
I will never see a movie in theaters more than twice,
But I'll make an exception and see The Dark Knight with you again.

It isn't as if our relationship started with a movie,
But we did start dating the minute after we saw Superhero Movie.
I will never watch a movie with a sex scene in it with you,
But I know you want to watch Fight Club with me.

I won't make you watch a romantic comedy,
But I am going to make you watch 10 Things I Hate About You.
I have no intention of watching a movie I hate more than once,
But I'll watch Batman Begins again because you love it.

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