September 30, 2008
By Elijah Kurtz, Fairmount, ND

I wish I could call you, and make everything ok
But every time I reach out, you just push me away.
Drinking to forget, cutting to feel,
I’m sitting here alone, trying to remember that love is real.
I hate it when you ask me why,
You know you’re the only person to whom I can’t lie.
Your smile makes me see the light of day,
But it’s been so long since it flashed my way.
I’ve tried liking other girls, but none can compare,
I tell you all my problems, and I hate that you care.
I’m surprised you still talk to me, the idiot I’ve been,
And here I am, trying to make it all up to you with the power of a pen.
It’s time to move on, but my heart won’t let me,
I wish there was something you could say to set me free.
I want you to find the perfect guy, even if it gives me the blues,
Cuz in my heart, I know, I’ll always love you.

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