A Day in the Mind

September 30, 2008
By Bria Moore, Longview, TX

Promises are only words

People that hate you seem to flock in herds

Love can make you

Hope can break you

Only God knows what the future holds

Please listen to the words you are told

Juliet wonders what’s in a name

But everyone has a title in our respective game

We want to understand things so we can control them

But the chains just aren’t enough to hold him

Your best friend is your sibling from another mother

But Ceaser loved Brutus like a brother

If only we knew what the future held

Then we could be more prepared

But since we are never prepared for what we expect

We wait patiently for time to heel all wounds

The world is coming to an end just when your life is beginning

You wonder why God created you at such a time like this

We are what we hate the most

You stand alone in life, you are like a ghost

It’s hard to fight your worst enemy when you look him in the mirror everyday

The author's comments:
This poem is a short insight into some of the thoughts that can go on in my mind on a daily basis

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