Shadows on the Moon

October 1, 2008
I can see my shadow
And the sun isn't shining
There is no golden in the mist
Or light between us binding

I can see my shadow
And the moon is out tonight
He is lighting up our love
The glow around us blinding white

I can see my shadow
And she is the only dark around
But has no foothold grip on me
Because my feet are off the ground

The road is navy blue
You're eyes are diamond skies
They chase away the shadows
And brighten up my life

But the darkness will return
As shadows always do
She reaches for my feet
And pulls me down from you

I can see my shadow
And she doesn't want you near
So I fall back to the solid ground
As I whisper love in your right ear

And say ...

Don't listen to my shadow
She hardly knowns my heart
For in the night
Or bright of day
Under stars
Or sun
Or torential rain
That which shone tonight
Under the light of the moon
Will always and forever
Belong to only you

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