A New Best Friend

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

In the pound they await,
with wagging tails and soft fur.
They want someone to love,
a buddy to play with,
someone to take them home.

In the pound they await,
a new friend to spend the days with, aperson all their own.
No longer compeating for attention,
a companion to walk, jog, and run with.

in the pound they await.
Day after day seeing their neighbors leave, people come'n go not chosing them,
wondering what they are doing wrong,
how they can improve.

In the pound they await,
the comfort of a touch
a couch they do not have
a bed they can not share
with love to give and noone to recive.

In this apartment i await,
the day we get a house,
the day my dad says yes,
the day i get to go to the pound,
the day i get to hep a furry little friend
find my home and make it his.

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