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July 27, 2013
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well here's the operation
we sit at church like its just a duration
big majority, doesn't get a penetration
we sit at pews likes its a good deed obligation
we go because it don't take much motivation
going to church a special expectation
and if we don't go, its like a violation
once a week? that's easy dedication
its one after another replication
we leave the doors, given out our donation
have our friendly talks and conversation
usually about things mindless of no revelation
and its weird we have no realization
we hide away, and give off a donation
when reality is where sinners of all relation
we act like going, and our donation is like a vaccination
from the things that cause us desperation
which at times outweigh the good out life’s sensation
im not pointing fingers or wanting to cause aggravation
just telling you an insight of the situation
the problem is that this rules the population
why do we fall into such easy temptation?

you cant answer it with easy answer or estimation
a question we never ask or have a realization
or we give an excuse the devil gives off complication
i think that's crazy because its just an irritation
but It does seem this devil has a deep penetration
ruined our great mind, the gift of no limitation
so unique and powerful, of no moderation
couldn't ever be a duplicate or a replication
we don't ever think about this gift in consideration
to me it’s so special, such a fascination
but i think, do we really use it for the right application?
and do it justice to be on the right path of navigation
or do we fall apart, because of no true concentration

im kind of person who likes observation
ill show examples and some clarification
that's around me and us as a nation
i see all around us discrimination
judged by the cover, when they don't know the situation
same way with the homeless, in lonely isolation
conveyed by the media, with twisted information
look up to celebrities like there suppose to our inspiration
show them a bible, its like a new innovation
consumerism, has caught us with no invitation
lost sight on our imagination
Busy families, they living in separation
worried about the money, in a world of classification
crime and crime is the worlds fastest growing adaptation
people dying everywhere, what is this elimination?
a change for good, doesn't seem like a big motivation
so much more, but to tell you it would take an occupation
now think about the big picture, of our all our creation
are you proud of our very own nation

We've been introduced into a form of radiation
the cure, is more then just a medication
maybe its somewhere off in a different constellation
or maybe its right in front of you, just take a evaluation
no ones perfect, problems of different variation
the real human, adapts to change no hesitation
then what are we? a different variation
or are we blocked from our very own hallucination
or do we let life shape us into a twisted configuration
blinded from the things that keep us from gratification

all of what i said should of been simple consideration
but its more difficult then just learning a simple education
i have few questions before i end my implementation
Is the Christianity lifestyle a false interpretation?
Do people just use it for no more then decoration?
Is it a alive and well in our advanced civilization?
Have we fell short? with the rest of the population?
give it some thought, use your gift of imagination?

life may throw us around like some human of domestication
but i know at the end, we shall live up to our true representation
thanks for reading, and your participation

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