A Part of Life

July 27, 2013
By bigard GOLD, Newton IL, Illinois
bigard GOLD, Newton IL, Illinois
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This is my concern, Something you may not wanna hear or learn,
Give me my chance on the lectern, i’ll steer you a different turn
Please don’t be stubborn, this is something may not wanna burn
this life is something we didn't earn, we are less thankful as we become modern
I see things we iconalize like batman, like for example proud to be an american
For your information im not a fan, and i will not be a part of your clan
because it was given, served in a pan, i want to know why i i look, learn, and scan
i look to find an answer besides luck, genetic, or just god’s plan
Why wasn't i was born to believe in the Koran, or born somewhere else like Japan
Or learn how powerful we really are as women or a man, we blind ourselves with IF we can
When our start at life has began, now i wonder do we really all have a plan
People third world poor, we don't realize things they have to endure
No future to look for, no future distance will there be a mentor
to look up for like a savior, now i wonder why our’s gave us so much to adore
in my mind it cause so much war, i come up with conclusions so many to explore
I see why they have no faith to galore, for them its a folklore, best to just leave it at the door
because people consider them like scum on the floor, nobody to care for them anymore
We throw more money for a vacation from a brochure, whiles kids are dying we ignore
I really think we as a race can soar, but it wont happen by looking in from the door
Now you sigh, thinking we can become something in this word if we actually try
And a possibility to become admirable in the worlds eye, let me tell you this is a lie
Hold on you may atrociously deny, if you please don’t be shy,
But hold on let me say first why, there this minimal amount of good were exposed to nearby
Musicians, poets, philosophers people like that who try, they have little affluence to apply
at the surface people take in and reply but actions they dont show and we let things pass by
We wont let any of the good stuff pry, its why this world is in such outcry
occupied by mindless things that are in a boundless supply, it taking control of our life bye bye
On the inside i cry, but i am too bold to show, im shy, afraid to die and or maybe let loose and fly
I ponder things in great amount why oh why, because i wanna know life's short we live and die
I dont write to impress , i just have so much to express, to explain would take more then a recess
I have a question, its not a easy one like no or yes, and dont you dare just come up with a guess
Whats your ideal success? let this simple but elegant question progress
Getting the cool guy or girl with a nice dress, achieving ideal fitness,
making more money then you would ever confess, relieve your biggest stress?
or popularity having your name on the press, or making a name of yourself to impress
with the house and the right address, your first thought was not something you should obsess do not hide lie or compress, its ok because i know why this world is in such a mess
because theres people who dont wanna see progress, they like how it is, for them no distress
I will tell you something you will never be told, and never realize even when you grow old
You may not think about it and let it take hold, but our life is in control
We let things cause ourselves to be sold, and nowadays it seems we come off a mold
to explain would be impossible to unfold, to realize this yourself is more important then gold
The majority of us have fold, trying to fix a pinhole, when off in the distance more to behold
i know for some its warm then cold and at times we just dont know when to be bold
You need realize how this world will never be fair, unless we live in the heavens up there
life is the greatest gift we share, and we throw it away as if there was a spare
we feed ourselves and show we don’t care, and how we dont realize life is precious and rare
You Americans dont even compare, to some other people in despair
we take away ours or some others last breath of air, because our greatest struggles nobodys there
emotional struggles is such a s scare, they think were software, which you can easily repair,
but were not underneath of what we wear, and they just say you will be with us in our prayer
seems not to work our world is still in a nightmare, i cant be optimistic the more i stare
the more daydreaming of how were a nightmare, just by looking human nature affair
you wanna have a feeling that you care, but when you step in your not welcome there
younger kids filled with trash and mouths full of swear, started hugging the cute stuffed bear
next age up gaming on the chair, they are not aware, no knowledge of the world and whats there
then they grow up with a blank stare, usefull knowledge is bare, is this what world has to share
you probably think im looking down at the younger generation from the wheel chair
with old gray hair, but im the kid whos giving you Americans the doubtful glare
i will leave with something to go forth and lead, we start out small as a seed
then granted a life with hopes of prosperity indeed, theres billions of people if we tallied
but our own life we live cannot be copied, so powerful in ways we thought would never exceed
but i look history and now and how we journeyed, events that actually happen carried
something that should of been refused and buried, at the time we let it pass by like a small deed
Consumed by the power of greed, we dont consider the other side who will or emotionally bleed
become envied, of how others proceed, we dont realize we make out our life and set our speed
all the clutter, obstacles, drama, and pointless things we are frenzied, rise above and succeed
no excuses i dont wanna hear a plead, im sick of the things we are worried
because we have no faith in ourselves to be freed, which is something we all need
i wrote this for you, i count it a good deed, now you can go back all you want and reread
maybe saw things you agreed, or this was just another pointless paper you read
we need more people who can faithfully lead, to take a new twist on the human bread

The author's comments:
i wrote this because its something i feel for

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