Cheer Up Girl

September 29, 2008
By Erin Robins, Omaha, NE

Hey, cheer up girl,
Your smile's been gone for far too long,
Forget about the past,
Forget about the future,
Tell me what you like to do,
Show me your favorite song,
Let your hair down,
Really who cares what's right or wrong
Let yourself breathe,
Let go of your worries for a while,
You can lean back on me,
And I'll help you smile,
You don't need to do anything that you don't want to,
Just relax,
There are no rules here,
We’re free,
It’s an open door,
You be who you want to be,
You do what you want to do,
And I'll be here,
With you,
Watching the sun break through
Hey, cheer up girl,
I've missed seeing you happy for far too long,
Forget about what's been;
Forget about what's to come,
They don't matter
So hand me the guitar and I'll sing you a song,
Let's dance like we used to,
And you can giggle as I get the steps all wrong.

The author's comments:
My friend Samantha, inspired me to write this poem. She was having a hard time when she was moving because she didn't want to leave her friends, so i wrote this poem and sent it to her in FL to cheer her up

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