September 29, 2008
Constant roads marked with pain
Every escape blocked with pieces
of a broken heart.
Can't stand the loss of love,
Can't stand the tears that flow,
Can't stand the pain of loneliness.
'How' and 'why' are the consistent questions
that remain unanswered.
Every road carries a different kind of pain;
Some cut to your heart
and let it bleed.
And some burn your eyes
til you can't see color anymore.
And some just remain silent
and watch you play a guessing game.
That's the worst road to take.
Can love be rebuilt, or is giving up easier?
It was failing before it started;
too good to be true.
yet just enough to shatter a soul.
Each road has done different damage-
but the kindest souls somehow
always find the worst one.
The road that traps them
and makes them watch
the one they love
spit in their face
and say, "I don't love you anymore,
and it will never be the same.
so step away and make a new course
into the world
Staring loneliness in the face,
they are forced to accept
because a love that is supposed to be 50/50
has suddenly been overthrown
and the stronger one wins.

Which somehow is never me.

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