September 29, 2008
By rachel hurley, Travelers Rest, SC

Tell me why
Why love has to die
We sit and think of reasoning and come up short
No retort were collapsing
One by one
Were falling
Examining the illness that seems to possess us all
We whisper “this can’t be all”
All to be said
Why does this have to end my friend?
We stop to wonder what comes next
What was out biggest confliction
What is out consequence for letting this end?
You linger around
Your mood changing
Your sinking down
Down to a place without grace
Without mercy
Where no love abounds
You leave your dreams and wishes in a pile
Scattered about to show their worth
They mean little
Less each day
You waste your time away
Bringing yourself to repent
You solemnly swear it was for the best
You lied
You laid and wept
Leaving no room for hope
You couldn’t ask for less
This can’t be for the best

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