Little Angel

September 29, 2008
By Casey Larsen, Astoria, NY

Little Angel

Little Angel sits alone on a street corner
Losing his wings as he gets older
He looks around to see not heaven, but the city streets
He feels now as if he were dead
One single tear to shed
When I looked into his eyes
I saw the night sky
With the moon and the stars I don’t know why
His eyes were dark
But not his heart
As bright as day
Was his heart to portray
When he smiled
God he made you look at him for a while
Now devil horns he sprouts
And in his heart is not light, only clouds
But I will always love him so much
My heart, he forever touched
Only if the gates of heaven break lose
And Beelzebub is released from his noose
Will I ever stop caring for you
My little angel is no more
His spirit lies beneath the floor
Watching over my little angel is my job
As if it were told by God
My little angel I miss you, tell me why
You’re the reason I laughed and cried
The reason I write what I do
Is because I miss you

The author's comments:
This is sadly true, the little angel is now a little demon. He was like Jesus, the nicest person you would ever meet. But now, he's nothing like Jesus. I miss him, so much.

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