So Far Away

September 29, 2008
By Tonya Dardine, New Richmond, WI

You were 17, I was 15.
It was love at first sight.
You were 18, I was just shy of 17.
It was the worst day of our lives.
You were in Illinois, I was in Wisconsin.
It felt like you were never coming back.
You were in boot camp, I was in school.
It was just letters, that's all we could write.
You wrote me every sunday, I wrote you everyday.
It wasn't good enough, I needed you to write everyday.
You tried to comfort me in your letters, all I could do was cry.
It wasn't good enough, it wasn't you, all I needed was you.
You were counting down the days, so was I.
It felt like eternity, it felt like forever.
You were standing in formation, I was standing in the bleachers.
It was time, almost time.
You hugged your mom and I just cried.
It was finally here, the day we reunited again.
You hugged me, I latched on and never wanted to let go.
It was a fast 3 days, but you had to go.
You left me again, I asked myself why?
Its your job, I support you with pride.
You are there, I am here.
Its only until next year till we can be together forever.
You are my Sailor, my hero, my everything and I am your proud supporter.
Its a hard life to live.
You fight for our country, I will fight for you.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend of almost 3 years joined the Navy right out of highschool. We were together for about a year and a half when he left. I wrote this poem in english class this year about how i felt about boot camp. Him being in the military is the worst thing ever. I have to say goodbye to him many times and i rarely ever see him. I am proud of us both for lasting this long and sticking through all the hardships the Navy has caused our relationship. If anything, I think our relationship has growen stronger. I would really appreciate it if everyone out there can pray for the man and women that our serving ourr country.. Pray for there safe homecoming. Thanks

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