Mercy me.

September 29, 2008
By Marcus Stevenson, Center, CO

The world spins in one direction
With the better part of you in unison
But I plan to refuse
But operate under the impression
That I’ll know my turn when I see it

Because you’re always on
Took my turn and now it’s gone
But never there to say
You approve of who I am
I just wanted a return of favor

I get so sick of this small town
A concrete weight that holds me down
Soaring spirits can’t roam free
Diverse means black and white
You act like I’m not different

So where is the world tonight?
Somewhere that isn’t within sight
And you’re all that I have
So acknowledge it, please
Or don’t waste your time on me

Tonight my wrists are clean
But what does that even mean?
If my heart is bleeding out
You my heal wounds
But you can’t erase the scars

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