last goodbye

September 29, 2008
By jaypee robinson, Valdosta, GA

As I stand there I watch Dad rest in peace
I am feeling sad but at the same time happy
I already know he will watch over me
Now he is apart of my dead history

I will always be happy for him
I’m happy that he is in a better place
He will always love me because we’re family
Because of him I can be happy

Even though you are gone I won’t feel sad
You helped me reach success
Your death won’t stop me from reaching the end
I got through life because I did my best

I will never forget your funeral
I thank you for everything you did
You leaving is something I won’t regret
Your love is something I will never forget

You will be missed and loved forever
Sometimes I may still cry on the inside
Dad, this is our last goodbye
As I walk out I tell him goodbye

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