Amber Glass Ladybug

September 29, 2008
By Nicholas Springer, South Salem, NY

light of gods
blazing down
signals to mortals
who walk the ground
taking in all
leaving none back
going to war
the bodies alit they stack

and as the chaos
that the mortals bring,
the blood bathes
and angels sing,
the wife of the fallen
lays upon an angels wing

a single tear streams down
for though she has yet to get the call,
she knows too much,
she senses all,
realizing the moment
her lover had taken his final fall

blessings in this prism of amber glass,
awaken the doubtful and heal the broken,
as one single ladybug is seen,
it is none but an omen
of the beauty and light that still shines on this earth
and of which the optimists had spoken

from that day forward,
all lived in eternal peace
where it all started with one ladybug
and continues on joy in which we feast

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