September 29, 2008
By Deidre Sell, Allentown, PA

Words just can't describe,
Life among teens.
One day you're fighting,
Then your friend or at least that's how it seems.

Words just can't describe,
What we go though each day.
Boyfriend stealer's, back stabbers,
Lying about things we say.

Words just can't describe,
The hatred we feel,
For ex best friends, or old boyfriends.
We think its such a big deal.

Childish high school moments,
Is what we'll think when we look back.
From the rumors we spread, to the fights we start,
When we don't even know the facts.

We make fun of people,
By the way they look, or if they're smart,
But what about what really matters,
What's inside there heart?

But not many people,
See the real you.
You're either ugly, or pretty. Skinny, or fat,
Or it's decided by what you do.

Trying to deal with it,
Until I give up and break.
From all the gossip going around,
As the earth beginnings to quake.

Your friends are like family,
When you don't even consider your family friends,
But what do you do when they hurt you,
Or when your friendship finally ends.

Projects due tomorrow,
Friends lying to your face,
Boyfriends cheating on you,
As your stress level rises at such a high pace.

All of these things,
We go though each day.
Hoping it will,
All turn out OK.

Friendships broken,
Words never spoken,
A teens day,
Words can't describe.

The author's comments:
i hope you like it! :)

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