Flightless: A Ghazal

July 4, 2013
By dudeindisguise2010 SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
dudeindisguise2010 SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
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A desperate flier, who’d desolately lose, herself in the joys of her bird dreams
A desolate artist, who’d desperately sing, a song in the tones of unheard dreams

She plans out her novel, she plans out her life, she’s caught up in visions of word dreams
She aces the midterms, she ruins the curve, her grades are the picture of nerd dreams

Hippie, not hipster, she doesn’t eat meat, her palate thinks only of curd dreams
Druggie, with drinks, her Ecstasy takes, her away in the arms of absurd dreams

Always so poor, but hungry for knowledge, a girl who yearned just of assured dreams
And now she’s a whore, forget about college, the songbird’s turned slave to deferred dreams

Night terrors haunt her, she wakes up in fear; she prays that they’ll melt into blurred dreams
But back to taunt her, they bring her to tears, she shotguns a Miller for slurred dreams

A mom at sixteen, her wings have been pinioned, her feathers have faded to gray
The songbird’s been changed, the songbird’s been caged, but still sings her dirge of unheard dreams

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