September 30, 2008
By Lavanya Mookerjee, Troy, OH

Tell me,
Can you make some mad music with your words?
Make it sound like mermaids whirling in mountain clouds,
The hum of old hills creasing into unkempt fields
While stars dance on silver wings
And winds glide through guitar strings,
On some ancient sprawls of medieval dreams?

Tell me,
Because a cry rises when those blackbirds fly
And I know not why.

Can you make it wild and free,
Heedless and profuse,
Like ocean tides, crashing on undiscovered shores
Regardless of human laws
In untamed wonder of primordial life,
Bursting like sunshine
Through ruptured seams upon chanced skies?

Tell me,
For something haunts my sleep.
A song that drifts upon moon beams
Like footfall on slippery snowfields
In glaciers of previous reams.
So can you make your words strange and musical,
Like the stir of a sudden melody
Half remembered in a movie
Of something lost to the other side of Time?

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