In The Back of Your Mind

September 30, 2008
By Alexandra Feuerman, Aventura, FL

Give it up,
I’m not gonna make it,
I will never amount to anything,
Find something better to do with my life,
You say u don’t care,
You don’t love me,
I’m just an inconvenience,
Just another emotional wall,
Blocking you from an unemotional world.

If you don’t love me,
Why do u take the time to criticize me,
If you want me to go away,
Why do u keep talking,
If you don’t want to show your emotions,
Why are you choking back tears,
While I drown in them.

So just let me fade away,
Ill always be there for you,
In the back of your head,
In your memories.
When emotions overwhelm you,
Put them in the back of your mind,
With me.

You insulted me because you knew I could make it,
And because of you I am,
Because of you I am strong,
Because of you I know I can,
You insult me to push me to do better,
Thank you.

So keep insulting me,
Because you know I can make it.
I promise you I will stay with him.
I’ll give him second chances,
Just like I gave you,
Before you slipped away.

An yes, he is the one,
The one I love,
The one I will marry,
The one that tells me that he knows I can make it.
But Most of all,
He’s not you,
For you will be in the back of my mind,
Never to be forgotten.

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