September 30, 2008
When blackbirds rise
From those fields on high,
With cries hovering over
Late autumn skies
I hear mermaids
Wailing in disguise
As old hills crease into fireflies
In ancient sighs over emerald isles.

When somewhere beyond
An ocean tide foams
Over uncharted shores,
The mystical whale returns home
Regardless of human woes.
Then, something haunts my sleep
Like phantoms over slippery snowfields
In glaciers of previous reams.
Echoes of your slumbering voice
In fragments trail
Beneath the afternoon haze,
When memories break the light of day.
I turn around and pause
And wonder where the path unfurls
A lull, a pull and then a call
Strange and distraught
Like the broken shimmer of rainfall,
Rupturing in sudden drops
Through leafless tree tops
Like epiphany on a wing,
Incomplete and adrift
Dandelions on the wind
And the speck of blackbirds
in a whirl.

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