Of Time and Kaleidoscopes

September 30, 2008
Strolling into lanes
Of childhood...fragile
Reams of lilacs and blues
Flirting, twirling, spinning
Like willows in spring.

Green body on a swing
Challenging the winds
Blowing dandelions in fields.
Plucking, stomping, laughing.

Sugar-coated dew drops
Popping gumdrops.
Syrups of oceans and pinks
In mints and drinks.

Blending confetti swirls
Around fairytale raindrops
On fragile lanterns in streets.

Faded, lost, broken memories
In whiffs of lavender sprigs
Growing on roadside sweeps.

Dancing, swaying
Ebbing and drifting
Into eternal patterns
Of our coming and going.

Pretty posies and bows
Now in phantom shadows
Of tattered vows and faded shows.
Golden songs slipping into twilight zones.

And then
To rise again,
To be born again
In ever-lasting joy
Where silence is deep and spoken.

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