Safe Haven

September 30, 2008
By Samantha Meskin, Short Hills, NJ

It is the place of freedom. It is the place of bliss. It is the place where nothing in the world seems to matter.

The sun rises and sets. Serenity. Little girls shriek, and occasionally, cry. I cry. I fear the end; the end of the summer. Why does it feel like just yesterday we came?

Before my eyes, the Adirondack scene unfolds. The crystal lake and the emerald pines engulf me. I am taken to the campfire burning in the midnight-blue sky. Tranquility overwhelms me. This sun-kissed meadow seems everlasting. It is perfection.

The spirit and the friendships cannot be forgotten. They are the core of sisterhood. The smiling faces return back year after year. While new plants grow and things change, my friends never do. The laughter and memories are forever.

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