We Owe It

September 30, 2008
I'm writing to show them my brilliance and promise
because I,
I mean we,
We owe it to Them,
And by them I mean our bestowers,
because I know that I got some of my brilliance from my great cousin Faith,
who was married to Determination,
and flirted with new Opportunities everyday,
but in the end, he always stayed faithful to Faith,
who had a brother and sister named Struggle and Soul,
who were inseparable until struggle got sick
and young soul couldn’t watch struggle diminish,
so she left for a while,
I said she left for a while.

And so one day she came upon Inspiration,
her new best friend and Soul Sister
but that relationship didn’t last long
because Reality came between them
and tore them apart
and Soul hasn't been inspired since
not even her mother's words mused her anymore.
Her mother, Progress, who had bonded with everyone,
was known as mother to everyone,
mother of that generation even,
because she was the woman who had galvanized Soul,
startled Reality,
incited Inspiration,
inspirited Struggle,
sparked Opportunity
and roused Faith.

But that woman
That same woman began expiring.
I guess they just allowed her to wear away
Because maybe she was too innovative,
too enlightened,
maybe she was too much of a pioneer,
and maybe she just reminded everyone too much of their potential
so maybe they took her for granted
and thought that she'd always be around forever,
even if they had forgotten about her.

But I’m pretty sure she died a while ago
no thanks to them,
Maybe they could have saved her,
helped preserve her,


but I guess it’s fine because when I was born someone said I reminded them of her,
I mean we reminded them of her

So I’m proud, we should all be proud
but why did we forget her in the first place?
...Don’t we owe it to her
...I owe it to her

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