September 30, 2008
Awww!! no not again, I'm...........late 4 work.
Rushing through the company doors.
I sprint toward the elevator.
Step inside to a box FULL of people
we are all jampacked squeezed like sardines
I say 6th floor please, and a man replies SCREAMING yes sir.
As the doors shut a digital voice reads going up.
.....5 seconds later I hear a DING.
we've reached the second floor.
so I stare at my watch and .........8 seconds later and I'm grieving thinking my boss is going to kill me
turning to my side I notice a man who has a wierd look on his face.
I sniff...sniff Ewwwwwwww, what's that smell
He say's pardon me I B R O K E W I N D
I say yeah sure that's gross when all of a sudden DING!!!!
we've reached the 6th floor and I run in to my boss saying I'm so sorry I'm late.
He replies in a funny tone saying, "No worry after all, It's your day off"!!!!

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