September 30, 2008
By Jermaine Mackey, Houston, TX

Awww!! no not again, I'm...........late 4 work.
Rushing through the company doors.
I sprint toward the elevator.
Step inside to a box FULL of people
we are all jampacked squeezed like sardines
I say 6th floor please, and a man replies SCREAMING yes sir.
As the doors shut a digital voice reads going up.
.....5 seconds later I hear a DING.
we've reached the second floor.
so I stare at my watch and .........8 seconds later and I'm grieving thinking my boss is going to kill me
turning to my side I notice a man who has a wierd look on his face.
I sniff...sniff Ewwwwwwww, what's that smell
He say's pardon me I B R O K E W I N D
I say yeah sure that's gross when all of a sudden DING!!!!
we've reached the 6th floor and I run in to my boss saying I'm so sorry I'm late.
He replies in a funny tone saying, "No worry after all, It's your day off"!!!!

The author's comments:
This poem was orignially intended to be read from the bottom up.
Like the beggining of the poem "Aww, no not agian" was to be at the bottom of the page so that the poem could be read going up as if a real elevator.

It is a nonsense poem which is why some of the words were to be sounded out such as ding,and SCREAMING!

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