September 30, 2008
By Jessica Juan, Chandler, AZ

My devil taunts me, surrounding me with happy gregarious people.
My devil taunts me, late in the night when I am blinded.
My devil taunts me, deep within my mind when no ones looking.
My devil taunts me, leaving me with regrettable parents.

The devils taunt me, for a reason I do not know.
Abstract or concrete…What are my devils?

Why surround me?
Why late in the night?
Why deep within my mind?
Why leave me with regrettable parents?

And why is it that I could not find any right answers to my riddle?

Why learn?
Why fantasize?
Why listen?
Why life?

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on Oct. 3 2008 at 6:10 pm
Wow, Thats dark.


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