The Beach!

September 30, 2008
By Ian Gilman, Boise, ID

I remember running across the boardwalk
An American flag fluttered in the breeze
Thoughts raced through my head,"Im finally here!"
Only sharp grass,like a barrior of green spears, stood between me and the wave battered sands

I remember the sand between my toes.
It was difficult to walk on the hills of sand.
Huge waves shrank as they came closer to the shore.
Iremember the cold,salty water lapping against my feet.

I saw part of a razor clam sticking out of the sand.
I tried to dig it out but it buried itself.
I almost had it, but it barly escaped.

Royal buildings decorated the sand.
Perfect white dots surround me.
Untouched sand dollars,waiting for someone to take them.

I remember the long walk back.
Blisters on my feet made it painful to walk.
And as the beach faded behide me, I remember the fun I had that day.

Yes, I remember....!!

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