Dreaming Free

September 28, 2008
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Falling into clouds of broken sky
Shooting stars don't stop -passing by
Rays of sunlit fingers, caught on fire from the sun stretch from land to sea
Dipping beneath silver capped waves, living meaning of what is known as free

symbolism of two hands entwined
Stand for so much more than a crush
Beating of two hearts perfectly aligned
The giveaway is the adrenaline rush

Ocean foam soaks into the sand as it dies a silent death
Crashing waves fight a last battle as while sailing into shore
Arcs of tiny waves are reborn in a whooshing breath
Yellow light skims dark water- dancing to the ocean floor

Rainbows glitter in the grieving flames
Tiny little sparkles of baby rain drops glance off of crying faces
Fire stealing icy dreams that had no names
Innocence etched in smiles-a circle, broken ,now, missing in places

Flying through the air- eagles soar winds of generations
Wings of golden feathers slice clouds in majesctic aviation
Tigers run - orange and black feet pounding memories into forest floors
Shut windows open and a light goes on behind the solid locked doors

Dreams of moving to a beat that never ends
of breaking out of molds frozen to icy images
Of going past the stars- dreams that transcends
Dreams of head held high and walking off the stages

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