Burning Angel

September 27, 2008
tangled weeds
burning trees
yet there you stood
like you should be there
halo on fire
eyes filled with grief
you belonged
and when you pulled me out
away from the danger
when your smile took me by surprise
it wasn't the same
because not I was aftraid
just like I should have been
back at the start

you warned me
you ignored me

I wish I had listened

it's too late now
it's later than I had expected
later than I had dreamed
and I had dreamed for so long
it was hard to believe
how you could still take me by surprise
after all this time
reality was so easily fooled
yet I still had to remind myself
hope springs eternal
and hope I did not lack

it shouldn't exist
this feeling
it was pointless
I knew it was futile
yet I couldn't help myself
I couldn't keep from being dazzled
I couldn't look away
your face was too precious
your halo too perfect
I couldn't see
how you had lied to me
it made no sense
but I had to remind myself
this was not reality

and so I fell so hard
so rough
my teeth couldn't tear
my tongue couldn't cut
a burning throat was all I had

it was the day I broke
the day I died
the day you destroyed me.

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